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  • When do you typically start taking reservations for the camping season?
    Reservations can be made up to one year in advance. We pause reservations when we close down in October and resume again the middle to end of March.
  • Are you open year-round?
    No, our season typically runs from late April/early May thru Thanksgiving Weekend.
  • Do you have any seasonal sites available?
    Not at the present time. All our seasonal sites are leased for the current season. The best time to inquire for future openings is April/May or September.
  • Are dogs allowed on the property?
    Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and they cannot be left unattended, this includes inside your trailer. When they poop…you must scoop. East end of the beach is designated the dog beach. Pets are not permitted in the cabins or on the cabin sites. Rules and Regulations
  • Do you have WIFI?
    Yes, access can be purchased at the campground store. Camp WIFI is set up for email and web surfing. Streaming video is not practical.
  • When can seasonal campers come in and start clean-up?
    Weekday access to the campground will start around mid April. Weekend access may be limited.
  • Is there a boat ramp?
    No we do not have a boat ramp, but there is a boat ramp in Wheatley.Contact the Wheatley Harbour Authority for hours and fees at 519-825-9276.
  • Can we have visitors while camping?
    Yes you can…all visitors MUST register upon arrival and depart by 11pm.No visitors will be permitted into the park between 8pm and 9am.There is a daily visitor fee charge per car. See rate page for pricing.
  • Is there a limit to the number of people per site?
    Yes, our rates include two adults, minor children (under the age of 18) and 2 dogs max. Maximum of four adults allowed on site (additional charges apply), ONLY when there are no children on the site. Otherwise, maximum is 3 adults.
  • Are campfires allowed?
    Yes, each site has their own fire pit on site. The dimensions of the fire pit is 33.5” x 29”. We do not provide cooking grills on the fire pits. Rules and Regulations
  • Is alcohol allowed?
    Yes, in moderation and must be consumed on your campsite. See Ontario Provincial Law. Rules and Regulations
  • Is there cable hook-up on site?
    No, there is no cable service in our location.
  • Do you have a swimming pool/splash pad?
    No, we have 1200ft on the shores of Lake Erie. There is a splash pad located in Wheatley on the Arena grounds.
  • Do you have quiet time?
    Yes, quiet time is 12am (midnight) to 8am. Management/security can be reached after hours at 519-981-7073.
  • Can I bring fireworks to the campground?
    No, fireworks are not permitted on the campground. We also do not allow paper lanterns to be flown.
  • Do you allow tent camping?
    Yes we do allow tent camping in the north camping area. The majority of the sites are tent friendly, however most sites are full service to allow for trailers so there are different costs among the sites. No tenting in the south camping area (sites 200, 230-260).
  • Do your cabins have air conditioning or heat?
    All our eight standard cabins are equipped with air conditioning. The premium cabin only has both heat and air conditioning.
  • Do you have group camping?
    No we don’t have a group camping area. We can try to book sites as close together as possible.
  • Do you allow golf carts?
    No. Golf carts, e-scooters and e-bikes are not permitted at the campground. Rules and Regulations
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