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Campers Cove Rules and Regulations


Campers Cove is a family campground committed to making your stay fun and relaxing


GENERAL STORE – OFFICE – GRILL – GAME ROOM: Open 9:30am-7:30pm Mon-Thurs; 9:30am – 9pm Fri-Sat;  9:30am-8pm Sun).  Management available in store/office.  Wireless Internet available for purchase.  After hours management in cabin area next to the store.  In case of emergency phone 911.  See instructions below. GRILL – CLOSES 90 MINUTES BEFORE STORE CLOSES.


LAUNDROMAT: Located across from the store.  Open 9AM to 9PM. Weekends until 10PM.


WASHROOMS:  Please treat them as you would your own.  They are cleaned on a regular schedule but, if at any time, they are not sparkling clean, please advise management.  Children 6yrs and under must be accompanied by an adult.  Leave dogs outside.  No changing of swimsuits in restrooms.  Handicap/Family restroom available at North bathroom, key required (deposit charged).


BEACH:  As we have no lifeguard, all swimming is at your own risk.  Small children must not swim unattended.  No glass bottles on the beach.  Jet Ski’s cannot be launched or landed on Campers Cove beach.  Fishing is not allowed in the main swimming areas from 11AM to 6PM.  Alcohol is not permitted on beach. Foot showers are located at the east and west beach entrances and on the south end of east restroom near lake.

. .  Please use foot showers prior to entering restroom facilities to remove sand. Beach closes at dark.


RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES Refer to activity calendar and bulletin boards for program times and locations.


MESSAGES:  Posted on message board at store – we deliver only emergency messages. 


SPEED LIMIT: 10km/7mph.  Drive with caution.  Please watch for children and bikes, especially near playgrounds.


MOTORIZED/ELECTRIC/SPORTS VEHICLES: ATVs, golf carts, motorized/electric bikes/scooters, E-bikes are not allowed in the park. Driving of all motorized bikes, e-bikes and motorcycles is prohibited within the park.  The exception is campers arriving to and from their site only.  Motorcycles, e-bikes use control gate with caution.  Electric wheelchairs to be used by persons with disabilities are allowed on the premises.  Any other assistive device is subject to management approval.  Drones are restricted from being operated within the park.




NOISE: Excessive noise and music is not allowed at any time.  No amplifiers, car or truck radios may be operated on campsite.  All radios must be off at midnight.  Quiet time is 12AM (midnight) to 8AM.


DISORDERLY CONDUCT: There is zero tolerance of any unsafe or disorderly conduct including theft and vandalism.


ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Responsible drinking on campsites only.  It is against Provincial law to walk around the park with open bottles or cans. This is a law enforced by Chatham/Kent Police.


OVERNIGHT CAMPSITE: Only small carpets (max 4’ x 8’) may be used on gravel pad in front of trailer. Exceptions made for breathable outdoor mats such as Aero-Weave.  Children’s pools are not permitted be set up on campsites.  One picnic table per site. Upon departure, sites are to be refuse free and clean around the fire pit.  Maximum voltage for outside lights is 12 volts.  NO BOATS OR UTILITY TRAILERS ALLOWED TO PARK ON SITE. MUST PARK IN OVERFLOW PARKING AT GATE.


BE CONSIDERATE: Remind children not to ride bikes or cut through other campsites, litter or deface trees.


VISITORS: All must register and have a visitor pass displayed.  We reserve the right to limit them.  We hold you responsible for their conduct. Visitors will not be admitted after 9:00PM and are requested to leave by 11PM. SITES 230-260 ALL VISITORS MUST PARK IN OVERFLOW PARKING.


GARBAGE: Secure plastic bags placed inside designated garbage bins.  Do not burn garbage in fire pits.  Do not leave on campsite. Please keep your site clean – do not litter with beer caps or cigarette butts, sunflower seeds or peanut shells.  See store for recycling program details. FISH CLEANING – SEE STORE FOR PROPER DISPOSAL CONTAINERS – DO NOT PUT IN GARBAGE BINS.


DOGS: Must be on leash, under control and cannot be left unattended.  They are allowed on the beach east of the stairway.  Please clean up after them.  Vicious or aggressive dogs are not allowed in park including pit bulls. Pet vaccinations must be current while on the premise of campground.  More than one dog requires management approval.


BIKES: Ride with caution ON the roads. Do not ride on the grass, shuffleboard, or basketball court and shelters. Riding bikes after dark and reckless riding will be subject to restrictions. No excessive speed or racing.  Watch for walkers.


FIRES ON OVERNIGHT SITE:  Fires to be attended and in our fire pits only – do not move fire pits- there are underground utility lines.  NO PALLETS. Construction lumber only permitted.  No pressure treated lumber.   Fires need to be put out when retiring. Overnight campers may not bring firewood into campground. Firewood is sold at camp store.


FIREWORKS/DRONES: Fireworks, remote control drones, and flying lanterns are not permitted anywhere on premises.


SECURITY AUTO GATE:  One vehicle at a time through the gate – otherwise damage could result to your vehicle or gate system.


PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR CHILDREN: Supervise children 12 and under at all times.  Minors must be on their sites from 11:15PM to 7AM.


Please follow the camp rules and regulations.  Failure to do so may result in being asked to leave the park.


CAMPERS COVE CUSTOMER SERVICE POLICES, FEEDBACK and PUBLIC NOTICE for people with disabilities are available upon request.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY PLEASE CALL 911 and state your emergency, Site number and address 21097 Campers Cove Road Wheatley then immediately INFORM MANAGEMENT AT 519-825-4732 OR 519-981-7073.  If unable to contact management you must meet EMERGENCY VEHICLE AT SECURITY GATE.

Rules and Regulations

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