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5 Tips To Stay Safe Around The Campfire

Did you know that campfires are the leading cause of camping injuries in children? Review these 5 tips to stay safe and enjoy the fire.

1. If you are planning a family campfire make sure that you have a fire extinguisher close by in case of emergencies.

2. Never leave the kids or campfire unattended. Small weather changes can make a fire, that was manageable, quickly spread.

3. Review the Stop, Drop and Roll technique for your campfire visitors. If clothes catch on fire this technique is one way to stop them from burning.

4. Make sure that you choose a site for your campfire that is away from dry grass, shrubs, leaves and overhanging limbs.

5 Make sure you have water or plenty of soil and sand to extinguish the fire safely. Add and stir to ensure your fire is out.

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