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So You Want To Be A Camper?

Have you always wondered what it would be like to go camping but weren't sure where to start? We have met many first-time campers over the years, and we can tell you that while there are certain ideas that may make your experience more relaxing and enjoyable there isn't one RIGHT way to do it. Camping is an expereince that gets easier the more you do it. Once you get started you will simply come-up with ideas that work best for you.

We have put together a list of things you should consider if you want to experience the great outdoors.

Camping Tips For Beginners

  1. Be prepared - Start with a checklist of what you may need for your camping experience. These lists can be searched online and are a handy way to get you started.

  2. If you are not ready to buy a tent for your first adventure, consider staying at a campground that rents cabins or other accommodations. This way you get the outdoor experience without having to invest in a tent.

  3. Research what's included at the campground you choose. Check for designated fire pits, available washrooms, showers and if you are staying longer than a couple of days you will want to make sure there is a laundromat close by.

  4. If you would like to keep busy during your camping adventure then research what activities are available at, or in close proximity to the campground. If this is your first camping experience you may not want to stay miles deep in the wilderness. You might be best staying in close proximity to some towns or villages to pick up those supplies you may have overlooked.

  5. While you may want to leave the day-to-day grind behind you may not want to leave behind internet access. Having access to the internet often gives first time campers a little piece of comfort. After all what a great way to keep track on the weather, store your favourite recipes and search your local surroundings and events. If this is the case make sure you research the WiFi possibilities before you book.

  6. Campsite cooking will be one of your most enjoyable activities and nothing tastes better then food from the grill. Some meals you can even have prepared ahead of time. There are hundreds of campsite recipes online, and we find that Pinterest is loaded with simple and delicious ideas.

  7. Most campsites have an area where campground rules and events are posted. Make sure you review them when you arrive. It is also important that you know campers are very friendly and helpful people. If you are not sure what to do or how do it there will be a camper close by that will be willing to help you out.

Why not make this the year that you venture out into the fresh air and become an official camper. After all, what can be better than sitting on a beach with the sand beneath your feet, or spending an evening under the stars around the camp fire?

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