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Campers Cove Online Cookbook!

We would love you to be a part of our new Campers Cove online CookBook!

Here's all you have to do!

Email us one of your favourite recipes. Add your special touch or original ingredient to make it your own. You can take an old favourite and add a twist. We want to share recipes that have the delicious experienced camper taste.

Remember to include all Ingredients and Directions.

Give your recipe a great name!

Next, take a picture of your finished product, or if that's not possible, we will provide an image for you.

Make sure you include your name. If you are a seasonal camper you can add your Lot Number too.

Then email us your recipe (with or without a picture) to

(If you are staying at the campground you can also hand write your recipe out and take it to the office).

Once we have gathered several recipes, we will let you know when the Cookbook is live on our website! We will be sharing your recipes on all of our social sites, and of course pinning them on Pinterest.

We look forward to all of your great campfire cooking creations. In the meantime, if you need some inspiration have a look at our Pinterest board.


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