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Campers Cove Wireless Internet


“Go camping and leave my email behind? No way!”


  • There are several access points throughout the park.

  • All wireless computer equipment is not created equal and it has different performance levels for signal strength, speed, connectivity and reliability.  We suggest you try your computer for your location, prior to purchasing a Login ID access card.

  • Weather conditions also play a role in the speed and reliability of the wireless service. 

A Note About Wireless Security


Wireless surfing can be less secure than a direct connection to the Internet. As a general rule your connection is secure from the store tower to the Internet. There is a slight risk of being "hacked" with wireless transmissions between your computer and the store tower. The risk is the same for Campers Cove as any other "public" access points you use. Therefore, we recommend you avoid transmitting sensitive personal information over any public access point - Campers Cove included.

Access Card Options and Prices

500MB Card - $6.00 + HST (expires 7 days after first login)


500MB CARD  CARD LIMIT – 500MB OR 7 days


Refund Policy:

There are many factors affect wireless reliability. If the store AP is up and running there will be no refunds for your access card.  If the service coming in to the park is down, appropriate replacement cards will be issued by staff.


Campers Cove Wireless Internet is “Use at your own risk.”

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